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Our website features

with a variety of features that you need

Facilitate you in the monitoring and management of vehicles.


Realtime Tracking

The system is useful for monitoring vehicles via satellite in realtime and view the animation movement of vehicles.


Engine Cut Off

Turn off the engine remotely through the existing system on the website, in case of vehicle theft.

track replay

Track Replay

Can play back the movement of vehicles on a certain date and time.



Facility to tag and categorize a location or point of interest, making it easier for you in the process of finding a place on the map.

Door Detect

Allows the user or fleet owners know the state of the vehicle when the vehicle door opening and closing.

Fuel Condition

Displays fuel conditions by percentage, in case the vehicle turns on or off.

Alarm (SOS)

Facilities "Emergency" if in emergencies, such as accidents or vehicle theft.

Distribute Vehicle

Data moving vehicles from one admin to admin else especially for owners of vehicle fleets.


There are some excellent features that can simplify your work in monitoring a fleet of vehicles.

Setting Geofence

Area geofence is a virtual rectangular area that restricts certain locations in order to facilitate the vehicle or fleet owners to manage and monitor the vehicle. Geofence can analyze and track the position of the vehicle automatically and report whenever and wherever the vehicle exit or enter the geofence areas that have previously been determined by the user of the GPS system.


Realtime Notification

Realtime automatic notifications via email or SMS if there is a vehicle that is not updated and does not match the setting.



Notification via email of the vehicles that enter or exit the area limits have been set. Data sent includes the vehicle number or username, date and time when the vehicle in or out of geofence area.



Notification if the vehicle is mounted gps tracker accident or in a particular emergency situation. The driver sends an emergency call to a web monitoring receive alarm notifications.



Notification when a vehicle speed exceeds a prearranged. This makes it easier to control the vehicle or alert the driver if a vehicle driving at high speed.



The device will send a notification if the vehicle inadvertently sabotaged such revocation or gps tracker battery is accidentally unplugged force. So that vehicle owners can act quickly in the event of vehicle theft.

Vehicle activity reports

You'll also get email on your vehicle activity reports every day.


Sending the coordinates of where the vehicle is located at the time of delivery of the update data.


The data shows the movement of vehicles, how long the vehicle running per day.


The data transmitted indicates how long the vehicle is stopped.


Sending data on how much the vehicle to travel everyday.

Mobile Application

Make it easy to control your vehicle anywhere.

Realtime Information

Information about vehicle data in realtime.

List Vehicle

List of vehicles equipped with vehicle info updates.

Vehicle Details

Description vehicle data as well as data gps tracker.

Right Menu

Featuring accounts and history of the vehicle.

Customization to suit your needs

If you have the facilities or the application you want to add on the web.


Add a menu you need

We understand what you need to monitor and manage a fleet of vehicles you. The system can be easier to manage your vehicle everyday.

Store ID-GPSTracker

Connect your GPS tracker to our server.

Connect To Server ID-GPSTracker

Facilitate vehicle fleet owners to control and manage your vehicle for the local server.

More Much More Affordable

There is a special price offer if connecting more than 25 gps tracker you to our servers.

Sub Domain Create Your Own

Allow us to create your own subdomain if gps tracker are connected is already a lot.

Add Protocol GPS Tracker

You can add data protocol your gps tracker, if the type of gps tracker is not yet supported by our web.

GPS Tracker Device Supported

Our website has been supporting various types of gps tracker which has been available in the market.

Amwell T20

Amwell T360-101A

Amwell T360-101E

Atrack AT1

Atrack AT1 Pro

Atrack AT5

Atrack AU5

Atrack AX5

Atrack AY5

Auto Leaders 800C

Auto Leaders 900C

Auto Leaders 900E

Bofan PT100

Bofan PT200

Bofan PT201

Bofan PT300X

Bofan PT500

Bofan PT502

Bofan PT600X

Concox TR02

Concox GT02

Concox GT03

Concox GT03A

Concox GT06

Concox GT06N

Concox GT100

Meitrack MVT340

Meitrack MVT360

Meitrack MVT600

Meitrack MVT800

Meitrack TC68








Topflytech T8803

Topflytech T8806

Totem Tech AT03

Totem Tech AT06

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